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SmartCover creates clean, innovative solutions for the water, wastewater and utilities industries to defend the public health,  protect the environment and lower operating costs . . . .  Before . . it happens®


El Nino Survival Kit

Collection Systems, Maintenance & Optimization

El Nino Survival Kit

November 18, 2015

The El Niño that is coming this year is predicted to be the biggest on record!  According to the NY Times, September 10, 2015 "A soaking El Niño weather system is in the forecast, promising to pummel...



Flow measurement is a valuable management metric for any open channel water conveyance system...

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SmartTrend® is a comprehensive software tool that enables users to anticipate overflow events...

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Secure Software Services

All our solutions are tightly integrated via secure...

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SmartRain RD™

SmartRain RD™ is a new tool that integrates rain data with level or flow data in the collection syst…

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