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SmartCover creates clean, innovative solutions for the water, wastewater and utilities industries to defend the public health,  protect the environment and lower operating costs . . . .  Before . . it happens®


Five Ways Integrating Rain Data Can Improve System Management

Collection Systems, Maintenance & Optimization

Five Ways Integrating Rain Data Can Improve System Managemen…

January 23, 2016

Read this new whitepaper to discover the ways that system operators are using SmartRain RD™ to enhance their ability to understand how rainfall actually impacts their systems and what steps they can take to improve their operations...



Flow measurement is a valuable management metric for any open channel water conveyance system...

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SmartTrend® is a comprehensive software tool that enables users to anticipate overflow events...

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Secure Software Services

All our solutions are tightly integrated via secure...

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SmartRain RD™

SmartRain RD™ is a new tool that integrates rain data with level or flow data in the collection syst…

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